Coal Mill

Coal Mill

Product introduction

Coal mill is equipment mainly used for grinding and drying a variety of coal with different hardness. It is widely used in cement building materials, chemical, metallurgical and other industries and is the ideal choice in coal mining equipments.

Color:Orange / Blue (can be customized according to customer needs)

Specifications: Φ2.2 × 4.4m-Φ3.8 × 7.25 +3.5 m

Production capacity:8-43t / h

Performance Characteristics

Coal mill is a new technology of our company. The traditional way of grinding coal is that, firstly send coal to be grinded into the ball mill, and then dry it in the dryer, finally send it into the next process for processing. The coal mill produced by our company combines the grinding and drying process which can not only save the cost of investment, but also improve the output.

Coal Mill

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