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Ggbfs Production Line

Ggbfs Production Line

Product introduction

The mineral powder, also known as superfine slag powder, is powder product made after grinding in ggbfs production line.

Production capacity:80-300 thousand tons/year

Technological characteristics:mineral slag drying machine- extruding machine- degglomerator-powder machine (fine powder)-superfine grinding machine-finished products.

Equipment:High efficiency and energy saving drying machine, coal saving high temperature furnace in fluid bed and frost preventing high temperature resistance bag type dust collector.

Performance Characteristics

Introduction to Ggbfs production line

Superfine slag powder is a kind of fine powder obtained by crushing, drying and grinding, making blast-furnace slag as raw material. It is similar to cement, with high activity, so it is the good quality admixtures of cement and concrete, and a new type green building materials, belonging to the projects encouraged by Government.

Ggbfs Production Line

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