Cement Mill

Cement Mill

Product introduction

Cement mill belongs to ore beneficiation, generally used in the grinding stage after crushing, and the cement mill can grind materials to regulated grain. Cement mill has good dry or wet grinding effect on all kinds of ores or other materials can be grinded.

Production specification:φ1.83×7~φ4.6×14m

Production capacity: 6.5-135t/h

Application:Cement mill is mainly used in cement and silicate products production industry.

Performance Characteristics

Our company uses the transmission mode most suitable for production for different sizes of cement miller. The internal of the cement miller cylinder uses the classified liners and materials with other specifications, which increased surface area of grinding material, and has good grinding effect. In addition, repairs and maintenance of cement miller is also very convenient, and the cement mill price is also reasonable.

Cement Mill

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