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How to Improve Working Efficiency of Hammer Crushers

Although users know about the working principle and correct operation steps of the hammer crusher, they may not know much about how to improve the hammer crusher’s working efficiency.

Here our technicians will show you the useful tips on the measures of how to make hammer crushers work high efficiently.

1.It’s necessary for us to adjust the space between the hammer and the grid section. The longer time we use the hammer crusher, the more abrasion will appear between the hammer and the grid section. Then the materials in the crusher will be impacted and ground under low pressure so the material particle will become too large in size. The working efficiency of the hammer will be decreased, so will its service life. So it’s important to tighten the grid sections in order to create the most proper distance.

2.We can change the manhole door to the leaflet door. By doing this we can make sure that the hammer crusher won’t leave the small particle materials so easily during the operation of t he machine. If we find the crusher works slowly, we may check the door of the machine and open the leaflet door in order to shorten the startup time.

3.We should operate the ventilation door correctly. There are two ventilation doors installed on the two sides of the hammer crusher. Most new users don’t know the functions of them so they usually leave the doors closed which will cause the rotor to stop working once the materials are loaded excessively. Facing this situation, we can open the shell for further cleaning or dredge it through the space between the grid sections.

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